Rotary Club Shanghai E-Learning Project

Rotary Club ShanghaieLearning Project




eLearningProject offers consistent company and education to marginalized children inunder-developed areas in China. No need to climb mountains or wade throughrivers, no need to leave your hometown or wave goodbye to your family, you canbe a teacher for village schools thousands miles away through a computer. Nomatter where you are, no matter what your profession you have, you can contributeto our charity program. We need your help!


How tobecome an online volunteer teacher?

a.   No topicrelated to politics, religion or business interests.

b.   We needteachers for English, art, music, computer science, natural science, psychologicalsupport, etc. If you are not a professional teacher, we will provide trainings.

c.   You canbe anywhere only if you are available in the daytime during weekdays. The classschedule will be discussed with local school, to fit your and their needs.

d.   Theshortest service period is half a year (one semester).

e.   You needto give at least 1 class per week, each class lasts 40 minutes. If your timeand condition permit, more classes are appreciated.

f.     During aclass, you need

1.    A quietroom

2.     Stablebroadband Internet accessibility, wired network preferred

3.     Anotebook computer with Win7 system and camera

4.    A headset


If youcan fulfill above requirements, please send an email to to request a volunteer registration form and send it back once you fillit. We will contact you within 5 working days.


Check our remote classrooms!




Art Class


QR Code to Group Chat (Expires End of May)



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