Run in Blue 2016


Run in Blue for Autism 2016

2016蓝色奔跑 – 一起为自闭症儿童而跑

Shanghai, China.March 22nd – In China, Autismis ranked number one among mental disorders (Child Health Safety-Wordpress, Nov21, 2011) and it is estimated that 1.1 in every 1,000 children are diagnosedwith Autism (Center for Disease Control data). However, we must keep in mindthat this figure is of individuals lucky enough to have received medicalattention. So the question is posed – what can we do about it? The RotaractClub of Shanghai (RACS), a non-profit social organization composed of youngprofessionals and graduate students living in Shanghai, involved in culturalactivities and volunteer projects around China cordially invites you to theirannual April charity run to address this issue! Participants can registeronline at:

中国,上海。 3月22日 –自闭症是中国名列第一的心理疾病(资讯来自2011年11月21日出版的《儿童与健康》杂志);在每1,000名儿童里,就有1.1名儿童被诊断出患有自闭症(资讯来自疾病控制中心的资料)。然而这些数字仅包括那些得到治疗与关注的自闭症儿童。 那么,我们可以为此做些什么呢?上海青年扶轮服务团(RACS)是由一群生活在上海的外国青年所组成的非盈利服务团体,该服务团积极参与中国各地的慈善活动。在此上海青年扶轮服务团诚挚的邀请您加入将在4月举办的“蓝色奔跑”5公里公益跑活动。您可以通过此链接进行报名及付款

Rotaract annual charity run, established in 2009, is asimple project where participants come to run 5km to support a charity. Lastyear saw more than 200 participants and proceeds of over 14,000 RMB. This yearwe hope to double the participants and triple the monetary proceeds. Every yearthis run has a different charity to support. This run has in the past supportedthe One Egg project; a project dedicated to feeding rural children and theShanghai Community Center; who provide help for people facing psychologicalissues.


Each running participant will be given a Run in BlueT-shirt and an A-Ware sleeve from Gap (a blue and yellow sleeve used for Autismawareness) along with lunch, water, energy drinks and snacks for the run. Therewill be warm up yoga exercises, bollywood dancing, football and other funactivities for before and after the run, it will be a guaranteed fun day out.Ms. Sara Jane Ho of Sarita Institute who is listed on Forbes Top 50 women inAsia to Watch, will be an honorable guest speaker who will address the runnerswith her inspiring and encouraging words. Participants currently vary fromstudent groups, to sports enthusiasts, and employees doing team building. Ofcourse, the project would be impossible without Michelin as the Platinum sponsorand Gi Group, Saucony, Mad Croc, Huaqiao Foundation, Fiji Water and variousother kind sponsors to whom we are very thankful.

每位参跑人员将得到一件蓝色T恤衫和GAP品牌的 A+Ware袖套(颜色黄蓝相间,用于提高对自闭症关注的袖套)。除此之外,我们也为每位参跑人员提供午餐、水、能量饮料和小吃等。活动前后还会进行一些小型体育活动,如瑜伽热身、宝莱坞舞蹈、足球等,让活动更具趣味性。另外,荣获福布斯亚洲最受瞩目女性榜单前50名,同时也是雅礼仪学院的创始人何佩嵘(Sara Jane Ho)女士,将作为特邀嘉宾为参跑人员带来鼓舞人心的演讲。参跑选手的组成分别为学生、跑步爱好者和以公司为单位的团体。当然,项目的达成绝对少不了我们的铂金赞助商米其林轮胎的大力支持,以及另外十多家赞助商:是Gi集团、Saucony跑鞋、Mad Croc、华桥基金会、斐济水等,对此我们致以衷心的感谢。

This year, the run will be supporting Xiersen charity viaA+ Game in improving the condition of special needs in China by supportingtraining for Shanghai’s parents and teachers in special education by creating acollaborative event that links local and foreign communities while cultivatingShanghai’s talent and passion for a charitable cause. This run supports A+ GameInternational Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD) awareness campaign. We hope thatwith Run in Blue for Autism (Blue being an Autism awareness color), we canbring the community of Shanghai together and practice the compassion andsupport that is lacking in this area.


Come support this great cause and have a great day outwith your family, friends and colleagues and make new friends on Saturday April9th 2016, starting at 9am.


Early bird tickets are available until Sunday 27th March:

Price: 140 RMB for Adults, 100 RMB for students andchildren

早鸟票截止日期为3月27日 星期日:


After Sunday 27th March,it will be:

Price: 200 RMB for Adults, 150 RMB for students andchildren



Participants can register on the site below:


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